Brian Potter           
Poems 1
One Week                                                                                                 
Monday I'm a riverbed                                         
Tuesday I'm a stream                                                
Wednesday I'm a salmon                                       
(a salmon with a dream)
Thursday I'm a bear
Friday I'm a hunter
Saturday I'm an activist
Sunday I don't care


:ancient / words / written
trapped / between / pages
in / books / unopen
for / ages / and / ages
on / shelves / forgotten
in / rooms / ignored
growing / rotten
the/ past / that's / stored


I meant every word of it
when I indicated to you, indirectly
that you are more awesome, than not
I decided, like a calculator
: but not one, per se
I find myself laughing more often
in the final equation:
lol + haha = lmaooo


I like you
and you like me
I have eyes
and I can see
so let's not search
and let's just be
trade the ADD
for the ABC's
can you live
within your skin
if you choose
to let me in?
and if I'm in
can we grow
from the inside out
fast or slow?
we have everything
we don't need more
to be creative's
what we're looking for

    Post it Note (hip hop style)

It's all she wrote / on a post it note
spending my time / in chartered yaughts
that your moms bought
like Eazy E in a parking lot
rappin,' drawin,' and jaw droppin'
sometimes offin pedophiles I caught {they're so cheesy}
in a violent onslaught!
that's all she wrote, on a post it note


Why are you down here my son?
Struggling to fill the empty space
with quaint words of little consequence
Go claim your wings
the tips I've dipped in gold
the same crimson runs through our veins
and you are favored
you are my thoughts
and you are my soul
conviction shaped by deeds
grows so bold
the Fates are slumbering
amidst gray clouds:
traverse them and soar across
smiling skies
and eternity shall be yours

  Fixed Gear

Do you see me when I'm so free...?
I pedal often around and around
New York City
my home town
my feet, locked in
single gear
I flash a smile: yeah I get around
ease on the brakes: silence holding
I gotta pause for the action unfolding
-left foot down, never the right
I think to myself, as I'm at the light
I'll ride til I die
then I'm outa sight


when you check our genes, we may barely vary
but I like the differences
in the genes we carry
some are a surprise
once they get expressed
their meaning has a size
that outweighs all the rest
sometimes it is nature that shapes who we become
but I prefer nature in the final sum
nature shows our past
the ways how we adapted
nurture doesn't last
it's sum on death retracted


with the precision of
a tart lemon in the mouth
the incision of truth
just between north and south
the sun's light trimmed, dimmed and
hence the darkness wrapped us
in the blanket of night
pierced only by
the hope of distant starlight
guiding us now faintly foward
do we have a future you and I?
this I queried to the lord
he answered such that I might try

  Tropical Paradise

it was but a short walk
but then I sensed your danger
oh cold I hear you talk
no longer more a stranger
brusquely you utter: "10 degrees"
you're as brisk as a 3 feet thick floor of ice
dare I traipse about?
my knees as shaky as mice?
mercilessly you bite with razor teeth
while your winds are-a-blowin
and you whip me down the streets
with your feverish anger growing
where the hell is the heat?
I repeat: whrr thethe helll zz te heetettt

  Embrace the Day

before manscaping with my hair trimmer
my arm hair army wrapped further
further around my cylindrical arms
like wheat stalks before the harvest
all atilt in a summertime wind
where the view of the soil has grown dim
rustling above farmer-sized arms
swollen from trips to the gym
some near black, some unwieldy, and some paper-white
I'm short sleeved today and I'm feeling right
my arms now swinging on arcs
rising up to greet the sun
it was a bitter winter
which tamped my goodwill, I think as I
embrace the day

    The Poet's Cafe
I finally found the Poet's Cafe
above the street one flight
a refuge from more worldy ways
upon this rain-drenched night
souls like candles flicker here
warmth, hope, insight
while ghosts less known
linger near, dancing in the night
I mourn the loss of the reckless and wild
adrift, at sea, their plight
tossed about swirling blue tides
submerging their birthright
but the sun above
shines orange with love
here in the Poet's Cafe
and love will heal the pain of loss
here at the Poet's Cafe
I greet my friend
Zach in the back
and Shakespeare on his right
shall I join? my family's here
yes, I think, I might
and there's a table
I sense might enable
me, to reach my height
sturdy upon, oak planked floors
and as a tree, upright
my poetry book
with my mood
grows finer as I write
plumbing my darkest moods
transformed by styled insight
softening my recoil
unmasking primal fright
basic truths flow like coffee here
here at the Poet's Cafe

  Orange In My Pocket

When I arrived, I brought with me
an orange in my pocket
it warmed me nearly, as my girl
her picture in my locket
providing me security
like Linus and his blanket
it cleansed me of my awkwardness
it's scent wafted about
helping me to feel at peace
once I took it out
its orange glow provided strength
in a chilly world
just like the warmth I felt
back home with my girl
it transformed my imagining
dead trees came to life
the fruit it bore
that I held dear
I gave it to my wife
a chance to strive
our drama, free from strife
red is fine, yellow too
it's better when they meet
blending in a fruitful whirl
my girl is orange sweet

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