Other People's Poetry: The Naked Truth

| 05 May, 2016 11:22

I generally cringe at that the thought of reading most people's poetry.  Which is unfortunate, but true.  I know why.  It is because poetry is extremely intimate.  Getting to know someone should be gradual, through steps: part of this process includes processing over time- but the other part is deciding, as we go along, whether we want to continue to witness and be responsible for the parts we are seeing: Usually, we DO NOT want to continue along these paths.  We generally select people we want to see intimately very carefully, and are repelled by the masses. The exception is if we are warned in advance that the poem has already been established by those in authority as good. This is the reason we wear clothing.  To protect us from seeing too many people naked and raw.  There are very few poems I want to read, just as there are very few people I want to see naked.  I have no problem reading my own poems, since I am used to seeing myself naked in a mirror and I like what I see.