Artists are Neurotic!

| 29 April, 2016 11:16

Artists are prone to neuroticism. I am definitely more creative than most people, and I have more than my share of anxiey issues- claustrophobia and agorophobia...ugh.. though not too severe, thankfully.  My coping strategy has been to abbreviate my creative efforts. That means: create efficiently.  That is OK though.  I'm not a fan of rambling anyway.  I am afflicted, like most, with a mild form of attention deficit disorder.  Most of what people have to say, if it has value, or very high value can be expressed succintly- preferably in verse or comedy.  I try to balance my creative activity with happy-go-lucky ones. I have no romantic notions of being a tortured or neurotic artist. It might not be so apparent to outsiders looking in, but, on the whole, I am easy going, and if I dare say so myself... pretty funny.