I see abstract art as having almost limitless possibilities -and my plan is to explore these possibilities as thoroughly as possible.  While it is usual for most artists to find a style and then refine it through variations- i hope to reference, or create as many abstract styles as possible-in order to create a strong coherent range.   To me this has something to do with the essence of abstraction- to distill essences as the basis for imagery- and to experiment with these essential qualities in different combinations; the results can lead down different paths, and one of my challenges is integrating these paths wherever possible.  In time, through experience along these lines, I hope to invent much new imagery and expand upon my ideas. Ideas are very important to me.  Once i establish an idea in a painting, i try to move forward and build on this idea- perhaps adding more ideas - or shifting along dimensional lines.  This allows my painting to evolve organically and spontaneously.  I prefer this, rather than following a plan from beginning to end.

      Ultimately, I hope to tell my story of abstract visual thought -which explores ideas and their expression.  Some of the issues explored are: structure, shape, space, design, proportion, color, texture, sensuality, and paint itself.